Active Projects

In Planning

  • Too many

In Progress

  • Boots for sister - using these shoe soles
  • drawstring bag - bought pattern from TL Yarn crafts. Will use the corn fiber ribbon yarn for this.
  • Tunisian Christmas tree ornaments
  • Christmas stocking copy
  • K+C Bliss yarn project - Bought this yarn on a whim and now I’m mad at it for not making sense. Trying a cowl.

Long term


  • T-shirt yarn basket (Ran out of shirts… again.)
  • Wool mittens

Crocheting done, needs finishing

  • Tiny whale - needs eyes, sewing, and stuffing
  • Tunisian hot pad sampler - needs ends woven in, folded in half and sewn together
  • WiFi/Muscle Wire Octopus - needs arms sewn on after I figure out the musclewiring

Finished Objects

Tunisian corner to corner water color blanket - this was an excuse to buy the watercolor mandala yarn, really

K+C Plume yarn capelet



See Also

Ravelry. Most pictures will go up there.


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