New Housemate

Before our vacation, we signed up for the waiting list for a greyhound. And on St. Patty’s day, Blackfeather joined our household. He’s an insomniac and way more energetic than most greyhounds. So he’s a weirdo even for a weird breed of dog. But he fits in here just fine with his human weirdos. :)


First, the wins!

I finished both the brick-look and the bobble scarves. Also started and finished a pinapple-pattern shawl with bulky yarn.

The biggest project recently was a sun hat for Mom made from cotton yarn I got while in Arizona. That was my first experience with millinery wire. I want to make a few more hats now! I have ideas for lacy patterns. And I still have half of that super soft cotton yarn to do something with!

I have given away all of the crowns I made before vacation. They’re a total hit with the kids and I’ll probably make some more next time I have an appropriate color of yarn! They’re just so fun to give away!

As for the less successful:

My mitten is still pair-less. Lost energy on it and then couldn’t get the second cuff to match the first and gave up frustrated!

I had a cotton yarn scarf that I decided was too ugly to finish about 75% of the way into it and frogged it. I started on another Tunisian hot pad with the yarn because I finally figured out the smock stitch, so all is not lost.

Haven’t made many of the tiny stars yet because I haven’t found them easy to do during meetings and I was super focused on getting the sun hat done before mother’s day. But I want to get to those so badly.

I got the pink kangaroo together. It looks like a naked rat and I’m not sure the pattern works with acrylic yarn too well. The kangaroo just looks so stiff compared to the critters in the book made with wool blend yarn.

Other Yarn Hobbies

I bought myself an inkle loom and tablet weaving cards. First project was a bust because I foolishly used stretchy ribbon yarn. Next one I am going to use crochet thread instead. I got a couple of warping pegs that clamp onto a table to make weaving a bit easier, too!

Code and Electronics

Not much progress here. Programmed a relay board for my sister but haven’t delivered it yet. After work, I haven’t had much energy for coding. I have started 3D printing cases for a work-based fun group project! Those are getting mailed out this week.


This is the doozy. I have contractors scheduled and kitchen cabinets coming in the very near future. So I have to get a LOT of things done around my house and there are DEADLINES. But I should have a kitchen ready to go by end of June and I am EXCITED. Very tired, but very excited.

We helped a friend dig out a hole for a chicken coop foundation, and as payment got two pickup loads to fill in low spots in my yard. Now doing the sprinkler dance trying to get grass seed going before the weeds take over those bare patches. Landscaping work is ongoing in the tiny patches of free time between work and getting the house ready for the contractors. Blackfeather enjoys us being outside with him, though!

Due to all of the kitchen chaos, I’ll be moving my office and Blackfeather’s kennel into the small spare bedroom this week. It should be a little less distracting to both of us that way!

I still have some trim to paint, but now that all of the window shades are up in the bedrooms, it feels less dire. Still needs to be done, for sure, but it can wait until the kitchen is prepared for the help!