After a kind ladyDev showed me what I mucked up with my A records last night, I think I figured out how do do this whole website thing. I want to get back to practicing regular documentation of my efforts. Practicing being the key word. Regular being the trick.

So… projects update.


The office is painted!!!!! Many thanks to my sister not only for helping me get it done, but also for giving me some of her spare paint when we realized just how badly my accent color was going. The color was fine, a moody, almost-black blue-green, but the Sherwin Williams Emerald paint was very thin, streaky, and we ran out in one coat. Cashmere paint only from here on out… and maybe tinted primers.

Also, I find it hilarious that my sister and I both painted accent walls in nearly the same color with no prior communication.

I ordered new desks (yes, plural) and a shelf. They’re showing up just far enough apart I get to go to curbside pickup THREE TIMES!!!! I’ll get the first one tomorrow, though. That means I can move into the office by Monday! There’s a lot of work to do yet, but it’s habitable! Art can go on walls, desks can move in, I can use more than half of my house!


I have 14 crochet WIPs in flight. Yep. Four…. teen. Also, my hands hurt. Three weeks of crochet with no off-days is too much. This weekend I’ll take a rest. Maybe weave in some ends if I must.

At my desk for keeping my hands busy and my brain in meeting-mode:

  • Tunisian bobble scarf (or cowl if I’m bored when I run out of the first two skeins)
  • Flowers for giving away

For Christmas, or at least, that’s the plan anyway:

  • Wool shell-stitch scarf
  • Christmas stockings with fur cuffs

Planning stages:

  • Brick-look Tunisian scarf
  • Easter eggs (Collaborating with sister. She’s embroidering them.)
  • Wreath (For spring, not Christmas.)

Big and ongoing:

  • Beach ripple afghan
  • T-shirt yarn basket (Ran out of shirts… again.)
  • Kangaroos and Water Buffalos (everyone’s got them, you know.)


  • Tiny whale - needs sewing and stuffing
  • Tunisian hot pad sampler - needs ends woven in, folded in half and sewn together
  • Simple kid size hat - needs ends woven in
  • WiFi/Muscle Wire Octopus - needs arms sewn on after I figure out the muscle wire


Honestly, between house stuff and being sick of sitting at my computer after a day of work, I haven’t been doing much on my electronics projects. There are always more ideas than time. So I’ll just mention the active ones.

  • Robie - He’s less rude than he used to be, though he might get there. In the meantime, he’s helping me remember that time exists.
  • Time Cube - I mostly just need to fix my crap soldering job. It works otherwise. Oh… and document how I did it.
  • WiFi/Muscle Wire Octopus - as mentioned… need to figure out how to make the muscle wire… work. My original base material (grossgrain ribbon) crinkled instead of curling up nicely. Will try paper next.
  • Nightlight - My bestie wants a nightlight for her adorable toddler. I have the code from years ago. I have all of the materials sitting together including the glass globe. Just need to solder and program the board. It’s up to my friend to figure out the base for the globe to sit in.
  • Umbrella PCB - I’m so close… so close. Not that I can teach soldering classes anytime soon, but… so close.
  • Accelerometer skirt - frustration barriers. There’s a broken Neopixel board that I sewed in. Need to get over being mad at it so I can finish it. I’m still not great at sewing, so that’s another barrier.
  • I’m drooling over the Adafruit MagTag. Which I absolutely do not need to buy, but tried to yesterday when the back in stock notification came in. Other nerds got in my way and they were out of stock again by the time I logged onto my personal machine.

The rest of it

I bought a laser cutter in… August? I assembled it shortly afterwards. I have not turned it on since. Hoping the office being done and Christmas looming, I’ll actually take another crack at it soon.

Have been keeping a sourdough starter and even baked a couple of loaves recently. Haven’t been cooking as much overall lately despite being at home more. I deeply appreciate the BF’s willingness to feed me. Even if he serves me plates of vegetables and hates curry. I think I love him more every time he is nonplussed by my skeptical approach and over-inspection of the food he works so hard to make for us.