New Year, New Projects

Because when am I not thinking of new projects to do? Holidays came and went. I got some nice tools and even have used some of them since. Mostly have been using the snow blower and shovel, though. It’s been snowing like there’s no tomorrow. Started and finished PT in January. Have got back into cooking pizza and making desserts, as well.


Finished those Tunisian Christmas trees and the stockings. Made some progress on the brick look scarf and the beach afghan, too. Bobble scarf has been banished for being boring compared to the brick look one for the time being and I will get back around to it later. I have a BUNCH of the little flowers made for giving away. And then I started making crowns for the same purpose! Yes, crowns! Started a Tunisian baby blanket. Also made a pair of mittens and started another. Also bought some more yarn with the idea of making myself a blanket-sweater to wear in my office and my grandmother gave me her stash of cotton yarn. Started making tiny stars out of the gold crochet thread.

Code and Electronics

I got “lazy” and installed thor so I could create website posts just a smidge faster.

Futzed around with the gCal API so I can get today’s meetings in a list along with the amount of time until my next meeting! Barely began working with the hardware to display it on a small screen that came with one of my microcontrollers.

Played with the M5 controllers and lights. Maybe a little too long for the amount of use I really got out of them. I have some nice LED animations, now though!


I’m mostly happy I got new containers to store my elecronics parts in. I can actually see what I have without digging through random boxes and hoping I can find things! Mostly. I am buying them one at a time as I get 50% off coupons for the craft store. Goal is to have standardized storage for my electronics and crafts by the end of the year.

Finished painting trim and bought window shades. Getting the time and motivation to hang said shades… uhhhh…


I began AND finished two presents with the laser! They haven’t been delivered yet, so more details later (if I remember to).