I would someday like to build a full 8’ x 8’ square barn quilt with programmable LEDs. But that’s several tens of thousands of dollars and a lot of skills I do not have yet. And there are a lot of pieces to figure out, such as the design interface, that can be done without the full hardware setup. So when I saw this Half Square Triangles instructable it looked like a good place to start!

I got a little worried when I started printing it. The baseplate takes up almost the entire printable area of the printer I have access to.

baseplate print started

The divider is white to reflect more light within the panel. Hoping light doesn’t leak through the plastic, but if it does, I’ll print it again in a darker color.

divider printing

Got the LED strips placed and have started soldering them up. I’ve been sneaking in 5-10 minutes in where I can, so I haven’t quite finished.

lights placed

Have pulled in the demos from the instructable and started porting them to work on an ESP32. I eventually want to add a web based control panel, similar to Ben Hencke’s Pixelblaze, to draw the quilt patterns. But first things first; get the lights turned on!