It’s been warm out, so I have been playing with rattle cans. On the boring side, I coated some metal shelf legs to keep them from rusting and painted the kickplate for my tall white cabinet (they only sent blue ones for my lowers, forgetting that the pantry cabinet needed a kickplate, too.)

On the more fun side, I got the fairy door for my office painted white. Spray Painting in Progress

The gold disc in the background is a face for the greyhound clock I made with Jason! I cut the hounds on the Cricut I got from Bear. I was going to laser cut the face itself, but someone left an 11 inch circle with a center hole on the scrap pile. I am not one to turn down gifts from the universe. I think next time I make a clock with the vinyl cutter, I’ll use acrylic or paper for the face, though. We’ll see how long these hounds stay on the porous wood face. Greyhound Clock

While I had the gold paint out, I made myself gold leaf. Gold Leaf